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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program





Personal Training

Americans’ busy lifestyles often make it difficult to pay attention to our health.
American adults need at least 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week. Unfortunately, 70% don't get the recommended amount and nearly that many (68%) are considered overweight or obese. That's no coincidence.

Smarter workouts, better wellness
Fortunately, Wellness Centers of America offers a personal training solution that is both affordable and convenient, while providing motivation and wellness habits that enable you to look great and stay healthy for a lifetime.

Why personal training?
In addition to the documented health benefits of a more active lifestyle, personal training provides extra benefits:

Motivation - Your personal trainer becomes your partner, encouraging you and providing structure and accountability. This helps ensure that you stay with the program and realize the benefits it provides - a key advantage over going it alone.

Personalization - Your goals are unique to you and a personal trainer will ensure that your workout addresses your requirements and gets you closer to reaching your goals.

Safe workout - A certified personal trainer from Wellness Centers of America employs proven and personalized methodology to ensure that your workout is not only effective, but also safe.

Development of good habits - In addition to all the benefits listed, the longest lasting will be the development of positive and effective habits that will serve you for a longtime.

Why Wellness Centers of America for Personal Training?
It is efficient and convenient. Working with a Wellness Centers personal trainer enables you to perform the right exercises for your specific goals, eliminating inefficient and time-wasting exercises.

Plus, we offer group and individual classes to meet your needs. Call today to make an appointment. Or go to your Location’s page on this website to see a PDF of your local Personal Training class schedule.