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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program





Nutrition/Weight Loss Program


It's not surprising that 68% of American adults are overweight or obese according to The Journal of the American Medical Association[1]. Our lifestyles often make it difficult to maintain healthy habits, including proper nutrition, exercise and weight management.  Wellness Centers of America has a weight loss solution that is safe, has been proven reliable and most importantly, helps you develop lifestyle habits that enable you to maintain your proper weight for a lifetime.

WCOA programs are personalized and address the unique needs of each member. Our weight management program is comprehensive and combines our proven nutrition program that provides the freedom to eat foods that you enjoy either at home or in a restaurant with a personal training component to ensure safe, healthy and measurable results. We teach you not only what to eat, but how and when. Additionally, the food you eat is available in grocery stores and restaurants you enjoy – not delivered via mail in a cardboard box.

Most importantly, you aren’t alone. Your wellness coach becomes a caring partner, mentor and motivator and helps keep you positive while you slim down. Additionally, you will be rewarded when you reach your goals, with free massages, wellness services, or other great gifts.

If you haven’t already been convinced, take a look at even more reasons to consider a Wellness Centers of America weight management program:

Improve your self image Lower your cholesterol
Reduce blood pressure Reduce aches and pains
Improve mobility Improve breathing
More restful sleep Prevention of angina
Decrease risk of heart disease Prevention of Type 2 diabetes
Improve blood sugar levels Increase energy level

Emotional Health

The emotional benefits of weight loss are immeasurable.  Persons who are overweight may suffer a social stigma that, in addition to the health risks, results in a loss of self-esteem, which can negatively affect their personal and professional lives.

If you are one of the 68% of American adults that are overweight and want to lose weight safely, using proven methods of diet, exercise and nutrition along with a professional wellness coach who partners with you through the process, we can help.  We don’t offer a quick-fix.  What we do offer is a safe, sustainable program and a caring partner to guide you to your goal.

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1 The Journal of the American Medical Association.