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Why We're Different

At Wellness Centers of America, we take an all-encompassing approach to help you get positively healthy. Other lifestyle management programs frequently only address a narrow portion of wellness, which ultimately leads to failure. Quick fix diets results in rapid weight loss followed by weight gain and yo-yo dieting, and expensive gym memberships are abandoned or go unused because no one is there to guide you and offer support.

When you come to Wellness Centers of America, you experience a total wellness program that no one else can offer, all under one roof, and at prices you can afford.

Diverse, comprehensive wellness services all under one roof.
We meet your weight loss, nutritional, exercise, and stress management needs all in one place with an individualized Lifestyle Management Program.

The quality of our wellness coaches and doctors is unmatched.
Our services staff includes certified wellness coaches, licensed and experience massage therapists, and chiropractic doctors with years of experience, which means that you can trust their treatments, expertise, and counsel.

This is an affordable solution to attaining and sustaining wellness.
Because our approach is comprehensive, you don't need multiple service providers and memberships to achieve your goals. We design your individualized program to fit your needs and your budget.