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Chiropractic Care


Why is Chiropractic practice a part of Wellness Centers of America?  

The Chiropractic objective is: “We want you to be healthy.” Chiropractic physicians are wellness oriented, not disease-management oriented.

Chiropractic education includes many hours of study with respect to nutrition, weight management, exercise, stress management, massage and soft tissue treatment, spinal realignment and preventative health care making a chiropractor a natural fit to be a part of Wellness Centers of America.

Chiropractic care helps your body prevent many diseases and illnesses and enables you to live pain-free and operate at peak performance.

Consider your nervous system as a series of highways with cars as the nerve impulses. Blockage or traffic reduces the flow and can cause problematic delays. Remove these, and everything flows along smoothly and rapidly. This is what a Wellness Centers of America doctor of Chiropractic does for your body - optimizes your spinal alignment so that your brain, nervous system and bodily systems work together seamlessly.

Everyday activities can get you out of alignment
Your body can easily and unexpectedly move out of alignment with everyday tasks as well as those requiring exertion. Of course, when this happens, you are at increased risk for injury, stiffness and/or reduced performance. Spinal misalignment can result in poor posture and pain, which affects everything from energy levels and alertness to your ability to fight disease.

Who can benefit from Chiropractic Care?
Athletes/Golfers/Tennis Players – Those that participate in sports want to perform as well as enjoy themselves. Chiropractic helps to ensure that athletes have maximum range of motion and proper spinal alignment that will translate into more power, better range and accuracy. More importantly, chiropractic can help reduce the chance of injury when included as part of a regular wellness regiment.[¹]

Office Workers – Day to day repetitive motions while sitting in one position is the root of many back and neck problems, especially when hunched over a computer keyboard or balancing a phone between the ear and shoulder. Chiropractic adjustments can help correct the stiffness and pain that is commonly associated with office work.

Teachers/Child Care/Retail Employees – Persons that work on their feet all day put an enormous amount of strain on their backs. This can be further complicated when the job requires lifting heavy items or reaching down to attend to children, for example. WCOA chiropractors can ensure that the spine is adjusted properly to absorb much of this strain and correct misalignment that causes pain.

Pregnant Women – Pregnancy can cause a great deal of pressure on the nerves in the back that help in facilitating natural birth. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve this pressure and in conjunction with stretching and strengthening exercises, can create a less stressful pregnancy and birth.

Why wait for an injury to occur? Call Wellness Centers of America today to make your appointment for a Chiropractic consultation.