Introducing the Five Pillars of Wellness All Under One Roof

Wellness Centers of America is bringing state-of-the-art, multi-disciplined wellness and preventative care programs to you, all under one roof.  Our programs are affordably priced to support wellness for your lifetime. Our services include the Five Pillars of Wellness:
  • Chiropractic done right
  • Deep, soothing massage
  • Weight management you can live with
  • Personal training, focused on you
  • Vitamins and minerals to revitalize you
Stop in now or call to book an appointment to learn more about our programs and how we can help you achieve a more vibrant you. At Wellness Centers of America, wellness for your lifetime is no empty promise. Call (770) 619-5366 for your appointment!

For you. For your family. Now.

massage Weight Loss Program

Our Concept
The Wellness Centers of America is a team of experienced, certified wellness coaches and doctors, all under one roof, ready to help you get positively healthy. Learn more

Why We're Different
At Wellness Centers of America, we take an all-encompassing approach to help you get positively healthy. Experience a total wellness program that no one else can offer, all under one roof and at prices you can afford. Learn more

How You Benefit
When you take care of your body, you gain a host of other lifestyle benefits. From an improved mood, to a better night's sleep, to a boost in your energy level, taking control of your health and wellness are hard to ignore. Learn more